Ready to join a committee?

Our committees at Central help guide and direct our church, they are the hands and feet serving the body of Christ! Take a moment to read through each of the committees and email us when you are ready for more information! We’d love to have you!


Administration – our administration committee provides general guidance to the session, to provide continuous oversight of the budget and financial matters, to supervise policy and procedures of personnel and administration activities. 

Children’s Committee – our children’s committee is responsible for planning and supervising of our children’s events, education and programs at Central. 

Youth Committee – our youth committee is responsible for planning and supervising of our youth events, education and programs at Central. 

Adult Education Committee – our adult committee is responsible for planning the adult programs and education at Central. 

Day School Committee – our day school committee is responsible for planning and supervising of our preschool events, education and programs at Central.

Commitment – To encourage and provide opportunities for the congregation to meet responsibilites for their gifts of time, talents and financial stewardship

Facilities – To plan and supervise housekeeping, maintenance, alterations and improvements, to the church buildings and grounds and vehicles; to develop and implement a program for maintenance to the church properties and equipment for one year, five year and ten year schedules.

Mission – To plan and coordinate church programs on benevolence and mission – both locally and worldwide; To educate the congregation about these programs and to encourage and provide opportunity for participation in these programs.

Outreach – To ensure that potential new members and actual new members are welcomed warmly into the church and to promote Central in appropriate ways.

Planning – To facilitate the church in long-range (2-5 years) and short-range (current year) planning, to provide committee assignments and leadership opportunities and training for church officers and members of the church.

Worship – To cultivate and appreciation for the significance of public worship and to increase the attendance at and participation in regular and special services of worship throughout the year; to be responsivle for all worship experiences in the life of the church, including communication and worship.

Congregational Care – To promote a ministry to those in a special need, to the sick, to the lonely, to the bereaved, and to any who many be in distress; minister to our church’s seniors and seek to improve the health and general well being of all the church’s members.

Fellowship & Recreation – To encourage and find ways to promote deeper and more meaningful relationships within the church family through fellowship activities and to assist the church in planning and providing recreational opportunities for our church family.