Hello Church Family!

As you know, we just started a new church theme.  One of our goals in picking the theme “Living in the Light” was that the word “living” and the picture of a path in the light would lead us as a church family into thinking about our relationship with God in an everyday, on-going fashion.  It can be easy for us to nurture our relationship with God at church or during a formal bible study time, but it can be harder to incorporate our relationship into all that we do.

              We don’t want to visit the light….we want to Live in the Light.

This church season we will work on this goal together.  One way we would like to help you with that is with a new “take home” page called “Lighting the Way”.  You can pick up a copy of it in church (one per family) or you can access it on our church website and print it at home.  This is a monthly page to put in a central location for your household.

There are 5 parts to the monthly sheet:

1) For Your Home: a section that gives an idea to connect your at home devotional time to what we are learning at church.  This section is for a home of one person who lives alone or 10 people who live together.  We are all Central families.

2) Monthly Memory Verse:  this is a challenge for everyone in your home to try to memorize a verse of God’s word so that it can be recalled from memory.  There will be a basket in the Narthex for you to drop your name in when you have it memorized.  Its a private thing between you and God.  No one will be taking notes about the names in the basket but hopefully this small action will give you satisfaction of a job well done!

3) Hymn of the Month:  a section with a hymn which is familiar from our worship that you can sing around the house.

4) Kids Corner:  an extra activity to do with your children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews which will further deepen their understanding of the current month’s focus.

5) This Week’s Charge:  weekly at worship, Dr. Bailey or a guest preacher sends us out with thought or charge as we exit worship.  This portion of the paper is fill in the blank.  You are invited to go home and write the charge down on your sheet.  The charge will also be emailed out with our regular prayer requests in case you missed worship.  Think about that charge for the week and discuss it in your house hold and among friends.

As always, any of your church staff is happy to assist you with any questions you have.

Download September’s Living in the Light monthly take home sheet