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Sermon 3/26/17 WALLS AND CHASMS AND THE END OF CHANCES Luke 16:19-31

This is the third of three parts of the teaching of Jesus on the road to Jerusalem that I believe need to be held in tension as we aspire to live as Christians.  In the first set of teachings Jesus reminds us that on any given day a tower can fall on innocent people and […]

Sermon 3/19/17 REJOICING WITH GOD Luke 15

I lost my Bible two weeks ago after our Monday noon staff Bible study.  It was missing for eight days.  I retraced my route to every place I could remember going that day several times over that week and was just totally baffled that I couldn’t find it.  I told other staff members so they […]

Sermon 3/5/17 BALANCING MISSION AND NURTURE Luke 10:25-42

I love the pairing of these two stories and think it has much to say to us about living the Christian life.  It speaks to us of a balance between mission and nurture, between doing for others and looking after our own needs. Both stories are very familiar.  In the first, one of the Jewish […]