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Some of you may have noticed that I am wearing an orange tie with paw prints on it today.  When Clemson beat my team to win the national championship I told Doug Stewart I was disappointed in him that he had not brought me a Clemson tie to wear, so he told me he would […]

Sermon 2/19/17 EXTRAVAGANT LOVE Luke 7:36-50

Have you ever been around a couple who were so much in love and so outward in their shows of affection that you found yourself rolling your eyes or shaking your head or feeling embarrassed?  Nothing else in the world seemed to matter to them and they didn’t care who knew it.  Have you ever […]

Sermon 2/12/17 LOOKING BENEATH THE SURFACE Luke 7:18-35

Maybe you have heard the name Stephen Curry?  He has been the most valuable player in the National Basketball Association the past two years, and last year was the first player to win that award unanimously.  He led his team to the NBA championship two years ago, they were runners up last year, and they […]

Sermon 2/5/17 NO LIMITS ON COMPASSION Luke 7:1-17

It is interesting to me that the Narrative Lectionary skips from last Sunday’s passage in which Jesus gets in trouble for upending Sabbath laws to today’s passage in which two miracles are done.  It completely skips over the “Sermon on the Plain,” Luke’s shortened version of major teachings of Jesus which Matthew presents in the […]