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Sermon 1/29/17 – CONFRONTED BY CHANGE Luke 6:1-16

Unless I misjudge you, I can’t imagine anyone here got in arms about what was going on in that Scripture reading.  Is anybody appalled that the disciples, having no food, plucked some heads of grain from a field on the Sabbath, rubbed them in their hands to separate the wheat from the chaff, and ate […]

Sermon 1/22/17 A FISHING STORY Luke 5:1-11

Some of the greatest stories I’ve heard involve fishing.  A few of them even involve fish, though many of the funniest ones do not.  There are some days when anyone can catch fish – all you have to do is throw the bait out and a fish will bite.  There are other days when even […]

Sermon January 8, 2017 -PASSING THE TORCH Luke 3:1-22

“Passing the torch” is a powerful symbol and metaphor, and today leads us to think about that from all sorts of perspectives.  We have just entered a new year, which is often symbolized by an old man with a long beard and walking stick passing a torch to a newborn baby.  We are ordaining and […]

Sermon: New Years Day 1/1/17 OPEN TO GOD’S FUTURE Luke 2:21-38

If this story seems very familiar, I preached from it last year, and as one of the few texts which have to do with the childhood of Jesus it appears very regularly in all lectionaries.  I plan to use a slightly different take on the passage this year as we continue to transition from the […]