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Sermon: HUMILITY AND ENDURANCE Psalm 124 James 4:13-17; 5:7-11 9/20/15

Well, today we come to the end of our five weeks with the Epistle of James.  It would take many more weeks to adequately cover the themes he explores.  In addition to the passages I have picked from chapters four and five today, these chapters have a number of other themes: conflicts and disputes among […]

Sermon: TONGUES OF FIRE Proverbs 12:15-20 James 3 9/13/15

Barbara Brown Taylor begins her comments on this passage by writing, “Preachers wise enough to know that they preach chiefly to themselves will spend some time praying this passage before attempting to interpret it to their congregations.” (Feasting on the Word, Year B, Vol. 4, p. 63)           James starts out with a warning: “Not […]

Sermon: FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD Proverbs 1:20-33 James 2 9/6/15

Today’s reading from James has two major themes.  The first theme we have dealt with this summer.  James talks about it in terms of Christians showing “favoritism” for certain types of people and looking down on others.  Discrimination and prejudice are other words that can be used.  In the second section James states in no […]