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Sermon: WHAT DOES THE LIGHT REVEAL?: Isaiah 9:2-7 John 1:1-14

During these Advent Sundays as we have focused on Living in the Light, we have talked about the darkness of the various tunnels we have to travel through in this life; we have talked about what it means to wait for the light with patience; and we have talked about how the spotlights the world […]

Sermon: WAITING FOR THE LIGHT: Psalm 85 II Peter 3:8-15a

          It may well be that patience is the spiritual crisis of the 21st century.  There is not much that we have to wait on any more, so we do not usually deal with it very well when we do have to wait.           When I went to college, eight hours away from home, I […]

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Hello Church Family! One of our goals in picking the theme “Living in the Light” was that the word “living” and the picture of a path in the light would lead us as a church family into thinking about our relationship with God in an everyday, on-going fashion.  It can be easy for us to nurture our relationship with God at […]