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Sermon: OUR DAILY BREAD: Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45 Exodus 16:2-15

          You might chuckle to hear what happened after the Hebrews passed through the sea on dry ground and saw Yahweh’s victory over the Egyptian army, or you might be embarrassed.  They traveled three days without finding water, and on the third day they came to a place with water.  But […]

Sermon: WHEN GOD MAKES A WAY: Psalm 114 Exodus 14:19-31

          When we left the story last week the tenth and final plague had been visited upon Egypt – the death of the firstborn.  The Israelite homes had been protected by the blood of the lambs, and they had eaten the meal which has ever since been eaten as a reminder […]

Sermon: PASSOVER: Psalm 149 Exodus 12:1-14

         The passage you just heard is an interlude between the ninth and tenth plagues that God brought upon Egypt and eight chapters have transpired since last Sunday’s reading, so clearly I need to bring you up to date.  Last week we looked at the burning bush story where God called Moses […]