Our Prayer Shawl Ministry is an outgrowth of the ministry begun in 1998 by Janet Bristow and Victoria A. Cole-Galo, graduates of the Women’s Leadership Institute at Hartford Seminary in hartford, Connecticut. This spiritual practice has grown and spread organically, almost as these knitted or crocheted mantles grow a stitch at a time. As the yarn passes through our hands, we pray for the recipient, whether that person is known to us or not. Our meditations as we create the shawls have deepened our spiritual lives, and we continually forge new connections in our prayers and in the making and the giving of prayer shawls. Prayer shals are given for comford or celebration, to mark life changes and in love and friendship. THey symbolize loving hugs, being surrounded by prayer and the shelter of God’s care. Patterns and colors are not chosen just for beauty, but often because of their particular symbolic meanings. To learn more, expolre the official website of this outreach: shawlministry.comĀ 


Prayer shawl meets the first Thursday at 10am, and the 3rd Thursday at 5:30

All ages are welcome.