Central Presbyterian Church of Anderson, SC was organized as a congregation on September 23, 1900 by what was then known as the South Carolina Presbytery.  Two years later the church had completed a beautiful facility on the corner of North Main and West Orr Street and the first service was held in it on December 28, 1902.  This building served the church for 55 years, at which time church growth and space constraints in the downtown area led the congregation to purchase property and build a new church on North Boulevard in its current location.  On September 8, 1957 the church began holding services in its new facilities.  Another major addition and renovation was completed in 2000, as the church completed its first century.

 Central began sponsoring Boy Scout troop 84 in 1928 and has been doing so for 85 years now.  Last year the church added sponsorship of Cub Scout Pack 15.  A Weekday Kindergarten and Preschool was begun in 1960 and is still going strong 53 years later.  A Mother’s Morning Out program has been added to serve infants and toddlers, and a very successful summer children’s program known as “Summer Fun.”  VacationBibleSchool is also a highlight of each summer.  A group for older adults, known as the Centralites, was started in the early 1970’s and continues to be active.

Central Presbyterian Church is blessed with strong youth and children’s programs.  A fine music program includes choirs for children, youth, and adults, as well as handbell choirs.  The church is very involved in local and international mission projects and has an annual “over and above” mission drive to assist in the funding of such projects.  A number of church members through the years have been called into the ministry, the mission field, and the field of Christian education.

 Elsewhere on this web site you can find much more information on specific programs and activities which might be of interest to you.  We hope you will decide to check us out “up close and in person!”

 To God alone be the glory!