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Sermon; April 23, 2017 WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT HIM… Luke 24:13-35

Luke is an absolutely masterful storyteller, and his retelling of the Emmaus Road encounter on Easter day surely ranks as one of the great short stories in the Bible.  There are two most important points which come out in the story, but it is an infinitely richer story than that so I want to talk […]

Easter Sunday 4/16/17 WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN? Luke 24:1-12

Beginning in December we have been following the life and ministry of Jesus through the eyes of Luke’s Gospel.  There will be one more Sunday of that as we look at a resurrection appearance next week, then we will shift into Luke’s recounting of the early church’s beginnings in the Book of Acts.  I think […]

Palm Sunday 4/9/17 AND SO IT BEGINS… Luke 19:29-44

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic, The Lord of the Rings, as a huge battle is about to begin at Helm’s Deep, Theoden looks at the battlefield and the approaching army and utters the classic line, “And so it begins…”  I couldn’t get that line and that image out of my head as I focused on the […]

Sermon 4/2/17 I CAN’T SEE!!! Luke 18:31-19:10

Today concludes our journey through the life and ministry of Jesus leading up to Holy Week as presented in Luke’s Gospel.  In each of the four years of the Narrative Lectionary we will take that journey through the eyes of a different Gospel writer.  We have seen many of the stories which are unique to […]

Sermon 3/26/17 WALLS AND CHASMS AND THE END OF CHANCES Luke 16:19-31

This is the third of three parts of the teaching of Jesus on the road to Jerusalem that I believe need to be held in tension as we aspire to live as Christians.  In the first set of teachings Jesus reminds us that on any given day a tower can fall on innocent people and […]

Sermon 3/19/17 REJOICING WITH GOD Luke 15

I lost my Bible two weeks ago after our Monday noon staff Bible study.  It was missing for eight days.  I retraced my route to every place I could remember going that day several times over that week and was just totally baffled that I couldn’t find it.  I told other staff members so they […]

Sermon 3/5/17 BALANCING MISSION AND NURTURE Luke 10:25-42

I love the pairing of these two stories and think it has much to say to us about living the Christian life.  It speaks to us of a balance between mission and nurture, between doing for others and looking after our own needs. Both stories are very familiar.  In the first, one of the Jewish […]


Some of you may have noticed that I am wearing an orange tie with paw prints on it today.  When Clemson beat my team to win the national championship I told Doug Stewart I was disappointed in him that he had not brought me a Clemson tie to wear, so he told me he would […]

Sermon 2/19/17 EXTRAVAGANT LOVE Luke 7:36-50

Have you ever been around a couple who were so much in love and so outward in their shows of affection that you found yourself rolling your eyes or shaking your head or feeling embarrassed?  Nothing else in the world seemed to matter to them and they didn’t care who knew it.  Have you ever […]