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Sermon: ALEX, I’D LIKE GODS FOR $600: Acts 17:16-21 Acts 17:22-34

I have this probably mistaken assumption that all Presbyterians plan their day around watching the game show “Jeopardy” as Claire and I do.  But just in case I am wrong, here is how the game works.  Alex Trebek is the host and there are three contestants.  There are six categories on the board, with five […]

Sermon: MOTHERLY, SHEPHERDING LOVE: Ruth 1:1-18 John 10:1-10

An elementary school teacher had just taught a science lesson on the subject of magnets and afterward gave a quiz to see if they had grasped the concepts.  One of the questions was, “My name starts with an M, has six letters, and I pick up things.”  To her surprise, at least half of the […]


EMMAUS, IN THREE PARTS Disorientation Today we revisit a story and a place whose importance to Christians cannot possibly be overstated.  It takes place on the road to Emmaus, and in Emmaus.  And it is Easter.  We have been in John’s Gospel the past several weeks, so I need to help you make the switch […]