For 7 weeks we will be joining several other congregations in Anderson County on this “Walk” as we exercise our health and spirituality.  This journey will span 6,341 miles with destinations along the way. If you take note of the poster in the Narthex, there are destinations along the way, along with opportunities to earn miles through healthy activities we can do within our church to add to our congregational totals. Note those opportunities on the poster, as well.


1)Keep up with your “miles.”  Ten minutes of exercise (exercise classes, jogging, walking, mowing the lawn with a push mower, softball-soccer-football, etc. practice, etc.) equals one mile.

2)At the end of the week notify Allyson Helvie of your total mileage. (via, email; phone 245.3709; placing your miles in the box in the narthex; or by commenting your miles below in the comments section)


We have 7 weeks to get to Jerusalem.  Our last day to get there will be June 21st.


If you have questions, please call Allyson

Thank you for your participation.